Sunday, October 16, 2011

Best Girl Friends

Saturday, we all finally got to get together, with everyone's crazy schedules and with some of us not living close its gets harder and harder to find time to catch up. However, Erin was in town this weekend after having her sweet little baby and we were all so anxious to meet little Liam so we decided to spend that afternoon together and also celebrate my Birthday. It was so fun to catch up on all their lives. Living in Orem, I kinda feel out of the loop so it was so good to see them all. Toss is planning her wedding which I am so excited for her and can't wait to see what a beautiful bride she is going to make. Kelsey is pregnant with baby number 2 and is keeping busy with her Photography and being a mom. Madison is super busy with her dance team (She dances for the U) and is super excited for her boyfriend to move back in town so that she doesn't have to do a long distance relationship anymore. Kallee is just enjoying her life with no school and has super busy husband that is getting ready for Med School. And Erin is a brand new mom to the cutest little boy Liam, I can already tell she is an amazing mom. She is still living in St. George but will soon be moving up here once she has graduated. I love these girls, no matter what stage our lives we are in we have always stayed so close and nothing seems to have changes since the first day we all became friend. Thanks girls so taking me out for by birthday! Love you all!

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