Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Swiss days 2011

So of course we did the whole Swiss days, common did you really think I would miss it. This year it was more of a success because I was BABY FREE....... now if you remember last year (if not go here) I had a 1 1/2 month old baby with me. Love her to death but didn't love having her strapped to me in the blazing hot sun with a bunch of crazy women at Swiss days.

The fun started on Thursday night, I hurried home from work just in time as my sister Alicia to pick me up. We headed down to Midway to meet up with my mom and other sisters. This year we decided to go back to tradition and stay in a trailer in a backyard right behind the park that Swiss days is at. Growing up that was one of the best memories I have at Swiss days was camping. About 5 years ago we turned it into a girl trip and started staying Zermatt Resort. I was not complaining about camping because A. it brought back memories. B. we were right by the park which meant we spent more time there, got to hear everything that was going on there and get the real feel of Swiss Days.
Thursday night on our way to dinner we walked down main street and discovered more booths... it might seem impossible for there to be more booths at Swiss days but trust me they find new ways of expanding it. So that meant our shopping started Thursday night. After dinner we went back to the trailer for of course our girl talk and then off to bed to get our rest for the day ahead of us.
Friday we were up bright and early, we even got the privilege of hearing the announcer say "Vender's are you ready". Friday we spent the day shopping. That night my dad and brother and his wife came up for dinner which was fun to have a nice big family dinner.... minus the husband and kids which were of course missed. Saturday, we decided to ditch the crowed and head to the outlets which we happened to go at the right time because when we were leaving I am pretty sure the whole world was coming. After the outlets we went back just in time for our husbands and kids to come. I convinced Pete to come by saying I needed a ride home because I didn't drive. It worked. We spend the rest of the day just hanging out, relaxing and of course shopping. After dinner Pete and Hadlee headed home, the plan was for me to go home with them but I just could leave Swiss days early. As you can tell I love it too much. ha ha
Sunday morning we packed up and headed home. It was such a fun weekend and I am already looking forward to next.

Friday morning..... we are ready to go.... Hadlee was loving it too.
Love my little family

Well, untill next year.............

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