Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pioneer Day (25th)

For the 24th this year we started off our day sleeping in.... yes, we missed the parade. I was so excited for get to take Hadlee this year but after staying up way too late cleaning up after her party we decided to take advantage of sleeping in the next day. After a lot of sleep we headed off the the mall for a little shopping! That's always fun, after the mall we headed up to Park City to meet up with some of my family. We got there a little early so we decided to go to the outlets and look around. Around 4:00 we met up with everyone at the Alpine Slide. I decided to stay back and watch the little ones while everyone else did the coaster and the slide!

Kenz couldn't figure out why Hadlee was still drinking and hers was all gone

Sorry bad lighting, i forgot to change settings

After the slide we met up with the rest of the family at a park on main street that we grew up going to. It brought back lots of memories. Pete and I got Cafe Rio (he is on this kick lately) while the rest ordered pizza. The kids played on the playground while we chit chatted! It was fun to have everyone there. We don't usually get to have everyone at the same place during the summer due to the business so it was good to have everyone there.

Had's was loving the everything about the park

Carsyn was a good little helper

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