Sunday, June 19, 2011

Grandpa's Funeral

Monday night was Grandpa's viewing and then his funeral was the next day. It turned out to be such a beautiful and special day! We brought Hadlee to the viewing but decided to have someone watch her for the funeral so we wouldn't be chasing her around. (Thanks Hayley) We all decided to just have a grave site service which was perfect. Although death is sad it also is a wonderful thing especially after living such amazing life here. Dale my Father-in-law gave the family prayer and then before closing the casket he finished putting on the last piece of temple clothing. I got chills all over, just to think where he is right now and the people he is with. I am in no hurry of course but what a joyous time that will be when the time comes for all of us. I realized then that this wasn't a sad time, we will get to see him again and he will be watching out for us all!

Love you Grandpa!

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  1. Mal, you took some beautiful pictures. Thanks for capturing so many sweet and precious moments. So glad we all got to hang out in St. George for a few days. It just wasn't long enough, though! Love ya!