Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy times!

So its that time of year....... EVERYONE and their dog are getting engaged! Including 2 of our best friends ... JAY & LISA & my cousin BRITNEY!

We are so excited for these guys! These past couple of weeks we have gotten to spend lots of time with Jay and Lisa. Lisa has became one of the gym partners in which I look forward to because that's usually is when we get to have girl talk. These two have been through so much and I can't explain how happy I am that they are finally getting married.

This month has been fun, we have gotten to hang out with our friends which always ends up being fun.

Game night at Kels & Kevin's

One of my old roommates is moving back home to Arizona so while Pete was working Hadlee and I went down to Provo for a little shopping and lunch with Chelsie and Ixchel to say out good byes

Dinner with Jay and Lisa!

We just want all our friends to know even the ones we might now see a lot how much we love you and appreciate all you guys do for us!!!

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