Friday, May 20, 2011

1st Annual GIRLS TRIP!

My sisters and I have been talking about doing an annual girls trip for years now but it finally actually happen. We started planning it at the beginning of the year and hurried and booked our tickets so that we couldn't back out. Our main purpose of this trip was to shopping and we sure fulfilled it. I have never shopped so long and hard in my life..... I started to fill like Pete does when he goes shopping with me. We fly into Long Beach and then headed to our hotel in Hollywood, which we didn't know at the time of booking but it ended up being by so many exciting things like to Kodak theater, right next to a hotel Cameron Diez owns, less the a mile away from celebrities houses or I mean MANSIONS!

originally booked a normal size car, we that didn't work out too good, the guy felt pretty bad for us 5 girls thinking we could really fit 10+ pieces of luggage into a normal size car so he upgraded us to this SUV

On our way to the hotel we stopped at Santa Monica Pier. I have always wanted to go here thinking it was going to be like the movies, well not so much but it was cool to see and we ate at the best Mexican

The next morning we were up bright and early to hit the Fashion District. This was the main purpose of going to California, however, it was a
disappointment. The first 5 shops were fun to go into but after that they were all the same and just a bunch of junk. The first store my mom went into she went crazy buying tons of material

Shopping and Dinner at The Groove

Sunday we headed up to the Kodak Theater and the Stars on the sidewalk.

We decided to do a tour which was SO worth the money, we got to see so many of the Stars houses which I loved!!!

Tom Hanks

Micheal Jackson last house that is the room he died in. There was still flowers that people have put on the front gate

Rodeo Drive

Also we were on the hunt for these Shoes. Christian Louboutin, also known as the 'Red Bottoms'
we finally found them and holy moly!

Don't worry these shoes I am holding is only $3,543.00... are you kidding me!

on our way to the airport we stopped off at the beach, not the prettiest beach but a beach!

It was such a fun trip and something we are defiantly going to try to do yearly. We sure did miss Alicia and Kalie!

*Sorry for the sideways pictures, for some reason they wouldn't turn.

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