Sunday, March 13, 2011

Weekend full of Birthdays!

We started our weekend off by celebrating my dads birthday. He choose to go to one of his favorite restaurant, Golden Corral. To save you a little time ill jest leave it at, it defiantly wasn't my favorite and I will NEVER be eating there again!

We are so big we took up a whole room

As you can see Hadlee was loving the Chocolate Ice cream
Hads loves all her cousins!

Saturday was had a big party for my Grandma Hinds 90th birthday party. We had a dinner and open house. Pete had to work which was sucky but he joined us after. This lady is sure amazing. She is 90 and will probably make it to 100 even though she thinks she will not make is another year. Sure wish Grandpa was here to celebrate with us!!!

All my cousins had a cupcake decorating contest for the party. This is what I came up with the last minute..... FYI my grandma is deaf.
After the party we met up with one of Petes favorite mission companions whom he trained, his wife, and jay and Lisa for some yummy Cheesecake Factory & hut tubing!!!!
They even brought Hadlee out her own plate with bread and bananas.... she was LOVVING IT! doing a head stand on the table!

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