Friday, March 25, 2011


This little Monkey is not so little anymore..... she is 8 months old and seriously before I know it she is going to be 1 years old. AAAHHHH! It such a bitter sweet feeling. At times I can't wait for her to start walking, but other times I just want her to stay small and be my little baby.

There is one word to describe her this past month........ E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E

She has not yet learned to use her hands and knees but that hasn't stopped her. She uses everything else to pull and push her to where ever it is she think she needs to be. Her new favorite thing is climbing under stuff like chairs, tables, & beds. Yes this has lead to many tears. She is also starting to pull her self up with has given us many heart attacks being that we have a rock fire place which is normally the first place she heads.

What a hand full..... but we are loving it. She is sure keeping us on our feet. Whenever you hold her its like she is trying to jump out of your hands cause she needs to get somewhere or get something.

She also think she needs to be eating whatever we are eating and seriously likes anything. Not once has she given us a funny face her spit something out. I was eating plain onions the other day and she was fussing cause she wanted some so I gave her one and she kept coming back for more... crazy girl!

Her 2 bottom teeth are almost fully out which I love!! She has the cutest little smile!

She is stating to talk, shack her head "No", Clap, Wave bye bye, and is seriously just so much fun!!!

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  1. I CANNOT believe how big she's gotten! So dang adorable