Monday, December 27, 2010

Most Wonderful time of the Year!

Christmas was great this year!
Although Hadlee just thought it was a normal day it was still fun to have her around and it makes me so excited for the years to come!

For Christmas Eve this year Pete didn't have to work! YAY! So that morning we went bowling with the Hind side which was a lot of fun, after bowling we went for Pizza! After that we hurried to the Schip's to eat and play games! Our Aunt form out of town was here for Christmas so of course it was fun seeing her! That night we decided to rent a movie and go home to have a relaxing night. We opened our Christmas Eve Pj,s and then sadly to say we were in bed at 10pm! We were both pooped!

Pete got the highest Score!!!...... We won a free car wash... then lost it on the next game :(
Hads had a little leak and had to spend a hour naked! what a bad mom not to bring a extra pair of clothes! OPPS
Decorating Sugar cookies!

Pete and Isabelle had fun playing a spelling game!
Christmas morning I couldn't sleep... yes call me ridiculous i just can't let go of that kid inside of me. So I was up at 6am. I set out all the gifts and assembled Hadlee's toys and then tried to go back to bed. (I promised Pete I would let him sleep) Well of course I couldn't go back to sleep so i decided to go over to my moms, my sisters family (5 kids) are living there while trying to buy a house, so with having 5 kids there it was so much fun and I even felt like a little kid again. After watching there excitement as they opened all their presents I went back home and couldn't resist waking up Pete. He finally rolled out of bed and opened up all our gifts! Pete spoiled me! Hadlee didn't care much of what was going on. After we opened our gifts we went back to my moms to have Breakfast and then got ready to head to the Schips. We opened more gifts and visited for a little then off my the Hind's for my mom big Christmas dinner and more gifts! We sure got spoiled this year!
Our Stockings!
Doesn't Pete look so excited!!
Our Aunt brought all us girls these beautiful Scarfs from Saudi Arabian

She was showing us how they wear them!
I love this!!!

Like I said it was a great day! Pete spoiled me with lots of surprises!

Now for the NEW YEAR!!!

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