Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Bye 2010

I don't know why I am SO excited for this new year, maybe its because I have so many new goals or maybe cause I have the feeling its going to be great! Either way I am excited! I always feel like a new year is a fresh start! 2010 was a great year mainly because we had the most BEAUTIFUL daughter! A lot of other things happened! So for my sake here's a recap of the major events!

*Heard our little babies heart beat

*Found out out little bean was a GIRL

*Went back to school to finish Associates

*We both got our Associates

*Waited for our little peanut to get here

*Cousin Kenzie was born

*Pete got new job with IHC

*I got laid off

*Celebrated our 1st Anniversary

*still waiting for baby!

*Dad retired

*Sister-in-law found out she had Cancer

*Sister-in-law became Cancer Free :)

*Best Friends Kal and Tay got married

*FINALLY had our little Angel... Hadlee Starr (July 24th)

*Became parents

*Went on vacations to Mexico (Cruise), Idaho (Lava Hot springs and Rexberg) St. George, & Vegas, and over night at Park City


*Pete Decided on what he wants to do with schooling

*Became a stay at home mom.... best job EVER!

*Fell more and more in love!!!

I am so excited to see where 2011 will take us!!!

Happy New Years!


  1. Thanks for adding me to your list. I feel privileged. :). I feel like it's a fresh start, too. Hoping we all have great 2011's!! Love you guys!

  2. I read:) i love your blog:)
    Sounds like overall you had a great 2010:)
    happy new year hope your 2011 is even better:)