Saturday, November 20, 2010

Shower, Idaho, Jazz & of course my baby!

This little girl brightens up my day!....and I couldn't be more lucky!
Isn't she so freaking cute!!She is such a morning person and I LOVE IT! she defiantly gets that from her mom! In the morning she just sits there smiling in her crib forever! Saturday was my friend Alicia's baby shower. She lives in St. George so we don't get to see her very often so I was super excited to get to see her and her little baby bump! I am seriously so excited for her and Caleb! They are going to be such great parents and that little girl is sure going to be spoiled!
Hads can't wait to meet you new friend Maddlin.
Hads & Auntie Tossy
Hads made another friend that she loved!
This past weekend one of Pete's mission companion got married up in Idaho. I was excited to meet Elder Jeppson. Out of all his companions I have heard the most about him, Pete was his trainer and he sure has some funny stories that make me laugh every time I hear them. But it gets better!!!!! Not only was I excited to meet him, I kinda convinced Pete that a day trip would be worth it cause I knew that I would get to see POLLIE! And any chance I get I'll take it! So Pete had Friday off of work so we headed up that morning. Hadlee did so good and slept the whole time. Pete went to the temple ceremony while me and Hads went and spent some time with Pollie. After that we went to the luncheon and then hit the road to get back home! I won't go into detail but we almost died! Stupid dead deer in the road! But anyways we made it home just in time to watch the Jazz game with some friends.

Pollie trying to teach Hads to walk She peed on her pants and we forgot a extra pair so she was pants less for a bit.
Elder Schip & Elder Jeppson
Elder Bezzent & Elder Forbes
Game Time
You can't see it very good but Hads even has her Jazz gear on and was ready to cheer!

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  1. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled upon your blog and I HAVE to know where you got the little grey shoes your daughter is wearing. I have a 2 month old daughter and would love to get her some. Those are so adorable. You have great style by the way.