Sunday, October 3, 2010


Well I love October... not ONLY because its my birthday month but because I love Halloween and Fall! Today I woke up and got Hadlee all excited about it being October 1st. I made her aware that when she gets older to understand this is going to be one of her favorite months just like her mom. I spent the day putting up all my decorations and making warm fall soup for dinner... yes it was probably 90 degrees outside but I just wanted to pretend it was getting chilly and I have been craving taco soup for months now! Anyways, we are so excited for all the fun things we have planned this month! Also I am so excited to dress Hads up in all her festive outfits!

I have been busy making Halloween bows and flowers!

Hads with Cousin Kenzie! With their matching headbands! Hads gave Kenz a matching Halloween shirt and headband!
My mom & I bought these witches last year and decided to redo them to make them look better. They turned out so cute!


I have 2 other ones to finish! Then on to Christmas Projects!!!


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