Monday, October 11, 2010

Little weekend getaway!

We started our fun weekend off at our good friend's Wedding dinner & Reception! If there is such thing as a PERFECT couple.... this is it!! If you know them both then I am almost positive you agree!! We are so happy for these two & excited for them to join the club!
Congrats Matt & Janessa!
I only got 1 picture of them and its not a very good one!
But they both looked GREAT!
Love this little girl more then anything!
Had's & Uncle Jay
Had's & Sis, she is getting ready for one of her own! :)
Toss! AND.... of course the BOYS!
Our little Family!
After the reception we hit the road to spend the weekend in SUNNY St. George..... one of the favorite places!!! With work and school we needed a vacation! Our friends Toss & Trev where going to California for fall break and stopping in St. George for a couple of days on their way and we decided to join them! We stayed at Erin's house while they were out of town! We missed them and wished they were there but I am sure Mexico was much better for them!

We got in at about 3 AM, we were a little nervous how Hadlee would handle the drive but she did GREAT!..... better then GREAT! she slept the whole way there AND back! once we got there we hit the pillow! The next morning I put Had's in bed with us and when to the bathroom and came back to this..... LOVED IT!!!
This is how she always sleeps! I love it!
I left to go eat Breakfast and then came back to this which is even better!!!!

We decided to do a little shopping Friday while we waited for Toss & Trev to get there!
She is ready for Halloween!!! :)
Sleeping AGAIN!
and AGAIN!
Hubs & I at Dinner
Trev singing his Mexican Song!
Miss. Bones!
Saturday we headed to Vegas to go swimming and SHOPPING! Can't go to St. George without going a little farther to hit up H & M!!!!!
I was a horrible mother and forgot Hadlee's Swim suit! So I had no choice to use a onsie! She loved it!
Just chilling at the pool! After swimming & Shopping we got some food and then walked a little of the strip! Hadlee LOVED it! she couldn't stop starring at all the lights!
While Toss & Trev were winning big at the tables we took Hadlee to the water & light show!
She also loved that!
Little Miss Smiley Pants!
Oh boy do I love these 2 or what!
Daddy's little girl!
We were sad to come home and not get to be with Pete all day! With school & work we feel like we never get to see him. He is such a hard working and sacrifices so much for our little family and I love him for that!
Well...... now we are ready for another trip!:)

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  1. I love how she sleeps with her hands over her face... so cute!