Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandpa.. We sure do miss you!

Today was my Grandpa Frakes birthday. He would have been 93! However he passed away about 7 years ago. I remember that day perfectly, it was probably one of the hardest days for me. It was my first experience loosing someone close to me and to imagine my life with out my Grandpa was hard!
It started off to be a wonderful day. My mom & I decided to take my Grandma up to Wasatch lawn cemetery to leave flowers and I wanted to take Hadlee. Even though she is to young to understand, I know that she know who he is and remembers him getting her ready to come to earth just a few months ago. After leaving flowers and saying happy birthday we celebrated by going to lunch! On the way I asked my Grandma how she met my Grandpa. She told me the whole story in every single detail and I loved it. It is seriously amazing to hear those stories and how grateful I am for them. Because of them I am who I am today. I learned so much about my Grandpa that I never knew before. Good thing my Grandma had the BEST memory! I wish he was still here but I know that he is watching after us and is up there getting all my future kids prepared to come down to us one day. I wish everyone in the world could have been as lucky as I was to know my Grandpa. He was truly amazing! Oh how I miss him! I am so grateful for eternal families and the knowledge I have of them to know that I will see him again!
On the way home from lunch my Grandma had a mini stroke. It was pretty scary and something I don't want to have to experience again, however, if it weren't for my mom and I being there she would have probably had a major one which who knows if she would still be here. My mom ran her to the Emergency room & they confirmed that it was a mini stroke and after testing they said that her 2 major arteries that lead to her brain are clogged and that she needed surgery. So the last couple of days we have spend at the hospital with the family. She is doing a lot better and gets to come home in the next couple of days. I am so excited for her to be home. It is lonely knowing she is not upstairs.
Also because of spending the last couple of nights at the hospital Pete and I have discovered our new favorite restaurant... well I don't think we can really call it a restaurant so I'll just say food place....................... THE HOSPITAL CAFE!

Ok, DON'T judge!
Try it!
It is so good and not to mention way cheap!! One night visiting hours were over and we still went to the hospitals just to have dinner!!! ha ha We even convinced my whole family to join us one night which I am sure the hospital Cafe never had seen such a big group of people come in.

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