Saturday, September 18, 2010


Ok, so its been hard to keep my blog updated as most of you have reminded me because of a couple of reasons:
1. We have not gotten Internet at our house yet
2. I AM A MOM!
Yes, I along with probably many of you that do not have kids use to think that being a mom was going to be the greatest and EASIEST job in the world.... I mean common, you have no boss, no time you have to be there, you can leave and come as you please, sleep in, and basically do what you want, right??
Well.... WRONGO!
I was right about half of it the part being that it is the greatest... well greatest isn't even come close to how great it is, but easiest.... WRONG!
But for how time consuming and hard it is I LOVE IT!
However, because I am enjoying it so much I have been a slacking on this blog stuff. SO yes, I am spending my Saturday night while Pete is watching Hadlee to catch up on my blog because just thinking about it has been stressing me out! So you might need to look back quite a ways cause I have kinda threw post in everywhere! Well that's if ya care, if not oh well I feel good just knowing I have it all done... untgil next week! AAWWW
Here are some pictures of Hadlee, I can't believe how big she is getting! Almost 2 months!
1st time wearing shoes... ya they stayed on for probably 2 minutes!
watching TV with dad
1st time going to our church!

This is my favorite!

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