Tuesday, July 27, 2010

When it all started!

So my time finally came on July 24th. I have seriously been waiting for this day to come since we found out we were having a baby! I got to the point where I thought it was never going to happen! So yes... I was a little inpatient but hey.... I just wanted to hold my little baby girl!

So the whole 9 months I never had a contraction, I had little ones but none that hurt. I should have been happy about that but I wasn't.Those little ones I wasn't even sure if they were contractions. I would ask people what they felt like and I would get a million different descriptions. So I was terrified that when the time came I wouldn't even realize I was having one. I thought that if I felt pain then that means I was closer to going into labor. Well, looking back I am so thankful that I didn't feel any pain until when I did. It was Friday night, that day was a VERY stressful day, I decided to take all my school finals just in case this was the weekend, and to top in off that morning we were told we wouldn't have insurance!


yes, I was about ready to have a baby any day now and to find out we didn't have insurance made me loose it!

So I am pretty sure that got me going and by 7PM I was finally feeling some pain! I was never so happy to be in pain, however I didn't want to get my hopes up but my mom didn't help she kept telling everyone that tonight was the night! My contractions where only about 7 to 8 minutes apart. My sister Alicia starting going through a check list of things that I need to take to the hospital, I then realized I was so not ready which probably stressed me out even more. So Pete and I decided we better get home to pack a bag just in case tonight was the night and to try and get some sleep. Of course Pete got a couple of hours of sleep but my pain was getting worse that I couldn't get any sleep also the excitement was there and just like Christmas morning I couldn't get any sleep! After waiting until 3AM and having contractions every 3 to 4 minutes I decided I better wake Pete up and go to the hospital.

When we arrived at the hospital they checked me and things didn't change much since my last doctors appointment. We were so bummed! The nurse told us to walk around for an hour and then they would check me again to see if I had changed. So we walked for a hour in the empty hospital at 3:30 AM which was the worse part of the whole process.... We both had the feeling it was not doing anything, I even tried jumping.... thinking maybe that would make her drop.... maybe it did who knows what works theses days!

When we returned the nurse told me everything was the same but she would call the on call doctor to see what she suggest. I told her that it was fine if they sent me home but I wasn't going home without any pain medication. At this point I wasn't so excited about feeling pain! Let just say for all of you that doesn't know what a contraction is.... You will know what it is once you have one!

We waited for about 30 min. before she returned to tell us.... YOUR HAVING YOUR BABY TONIGHT! We were shocked! Pete didn't quite know what that meant also he was half asleep so it took him awhile.... we were being transferred to the labor and delivery room he asked the nurse.... so are we not going home? All the nurses got a good laugh! Once we got in the new room the nurse called the dr. to come give me the epidural.... but before that I had to get the IV... AAHH I was most scared for this, I do NOT have any good experience with IV's so I made the nurse well a wear of my fear, after she looking for about ten minutes for a vain she finally poked me which was not into a vain and had to call in a so called IV specialist.... well she only poked me once but fished around for it once she got in which I wasn't too happy about! :(

So excited!

This was my first nurse, Pam... LOVED HER!

Waiting for something to change and watching TAKEN

So to be parents!

This is after 2 hours of pushing.... so ready for her to be here!!

Next was the epidural!!! Well being that I had never had one I didn't quit know what to expect, when the doctor came in I asked what exactly he was going to do to me. I made him fully a wear of how scared i was. As Pete got in on the action and the nurse held my hand the doctor begun to put the epidural in.... Well lets just say I jumped... a couple times. The dr. begun to get made which I totally understand but really I couldn't help it I was shacking like crazy. So I asked him if he could say 1,2,3 then do whatever it is that is making me jump.... so that I could prepare myself... He says is a VERY rude way..... "So you want me to say 1,2,3 don't jump" I said, no like 1,2,3 the point me or whatever your doing" he then says again in a mean way, "Well I don't know how to do that"....... Now I was really terrified! So finally I held still which ended up being the 2 time around of getting the epidural!

And glad to say it was not that bad and for what it does.... SO WORTH IT!

Those epidurals are really heaven sent.... I don't know how people do it without them... I was in heaven!

Now the hard part was over!

The told me that they were just going to wait to see if I make any changes on my own, so Pete and I decided to rent a movie and get a little nap in. It was about 7:00 AM and I was at a 8. They told us to call whoever we wanted in the room cause it wasn't going to be long......

Well about 6 hours later SHE WAS HERE! I pushed for about 3 hours while we watched the parade..... that is when it hit me that of course she was waiting till the 24th to arrive! For those of you who know me, knows that the 24th is my FAVORITE holiday! yes, people ask why and it just is. Pete on the other hand is not a big fan..... So of course Hadlee knew that the only way we were going to get Pete to celebrate mine and her soon to be favorite holiday was to have a birthday on that day! GOOD JOB HADS!

Anyways, she finally arrive and words can't describe that moment. Nothing will compare! Right when she came out they placed her on my chest..... it hit me.... this is MY baby! It was a instant love at first sight! All I could do was cry, here I was not just with my baby but my perfect baby! After checking her heart, cutting her cord, and giving me some time with her they then took her away to weight her and clean her up. I suddenly looked over to see Pete holding her with tears in his eyes and of course I cried like a baby! It was a picture perfect moment!

I couldn't be more happy and blessed! Already I can't imagine our lives without her in it! She is PERFECT!!! We absolutely love her and couldn't be more grateful!

(fyi... we found out we did have insurance which was a huge blessing!)

7 lbs 3 ounces


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  1. YAY, I'm sooo happy for you two!! CUTE story, I love reading all about your little family!! :) LOVE YOU.