Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summers latest!

Well this summer hasn't really felt like summer, its been to crazy, busy with work, school and getting ready for our little girl to come that we haven't done much... maybe its just because we are growing up and summers aren't the same as they used to be when all we had to worry about is who we were going to hang out with and what we were going to do that night. But, I can't complain because my life is great, well I could do without having bills to pay every month and having all the grown up responsibility but hey it's life!!

Saturdays are usually our days we get to relax and do whatever! Here what we have been up to lately!


Baseball Games!

A few weekends ago, Pete went with a few of his friends to St. George for what they called a bachelor trip. Taylor was getting married and wanted on last trip with the guys. They cam home with some pretty funny stories!

Of course...T-VILLE DAYZZ!!

South Jordan fair...... T-villes was way better!

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