Monday, May 24, 2010

Anniversary get away!

So for the past couple of weeks we have been trying to make a decision on what to do for our Anniversary. The ideas have gone back and forth but we ended up deciding on going up to Park City for a little weekend get away. Since our Anniversary landed in the dead center of the week we didn't get to do much on the actual day. That night we ended up going to dinner which I picked and was very disappointed in my decision. SWEET TOMATO. I was craving a salad which I wasn't satisfied with this place. Anyways that night we came home and watched our wedding video... Yes, it was the first time watching it, our lives have been too crazy lately but, we loved it! We wanted to turn time back and re-play it!

Anyways, we waiting for the weekend to get away, Saturday we woke up packed, cleaned, and then headed to lunch/dinner. We wanted to go to Rodizio Grill but since its in Salt lake and we wanted to make it up to Park City earlier it was more like lunch which was still delicious!!! Pete was in heaven with all the meat and me.... well the Salad was GREAT! After that we headed up to the outlets to spoil ourselves and of course our little girl!!! I got such cute stuff I seriously can't wait to dress her all up! After that we went to the hotel to settle in and then went and walked main street which ended up being dead... all the little cute shops were closed... not sure why but we still had fun and the most important shop was still open.. ROCKY MT. CHOCOLATE FACTORY... Love it! Then we went back to our hotel to cut our cake :) Many people had told me that saving your cake for a year was not a good idea and that it would be gross. I did it anyways and let me just tell you.... IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!! The next day we hit up some shops went to lunch and headed home! It was a perfect get away just us 2! I loved spending every minute with just us and to not worry about school, work, or other stresses!!! It was a great weekend!


Pete surprised me with a outfit for out little girl that he picked out ALL.BY.HIMSELF. He did so good. Now he has no excuse when our girl wants him to go shopping with her!!

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  1. Aww that outfit is SO CUTE! Paizley has like an identical one haha And your bag, I love it. Glad you guys had fun, do as much as you can before she gets here. Your running out of time though, yay! I cant wait to meet her haha