Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Broph Dawg

Ok so I guess it would be Burk Dawg now that she is married.... nah, It just doesn't sound right!

I had to put this up! One night I came home from a date and Erin & Toss where dressed up like THIS and wanted to put on a show for me & my date!! I wish I recorded it because it was quit the show!

Anyway, its my Best friends birthday today!!!
BIG 22! She likes to call it her GOLDEN YEAR since she turned 22 on the 22nd... we will have to see if that is true!
I can't tell you how much I love this girl! We became BEST friends in 8th grade and things haven't changed except the fact that we don't talk on the phone EVERY single night for HOURS, and that we now live 4 hours away, However we are still best friends and even closer now. We have been through so much together, we have been there for each other through it all. Erin is someone I know I will always be friends with. Since the day I met Erin I knew she was like no one else. Erin has taught me so much, she has made me want to become a better person. Erin is the one person that I can ALWAYS count on to make me laugh... for those of you that know her, even a little, know this is true about her. I don't know where she comes up with some of the things she says or does but they sure make you laugh!

Her baptism August 2006

DIXIE 2006-2007

Valentines day 2007

Some things about Erin,

*You can always count on her to eat Ice cream with you or make her cookies(store bought of course)

*She is ALWAYS up for having a spa night.... in college I think she would have one at least once a week.

*Erin is VERY organized and always has a schedule, I remember one of our first night in college she was getting ready to climb into bed when a couple of our "friends" stopped by to see if we wanted to go canoeing. I of course jump on the idea where Erin did not have it in her scheduled night routine and was not to sure about it. After begging her for awhile she decided to come and it honestly was an experience I won't forget!

* Erin is always so positive!

*Erin is always putting the Lord first and has such a strong Testimony

I admire Erin, she is such a great person and I am so blessed to not only have her in my life, but as a BEST FRIEND!
Love you Erin!

Oh yes, I can't forget... HAPPY EARTH DAY!!

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