Monday, December 7, 2009

Long Birthday weekend!

We started our weekend celebrating Petes Birthday. His birthday was on Thursday which was kinda sucky cause we both had work. I woke up early and cooked him his favorite Cinnamon Rolls and then off to work we both went :( That night Pete didn't end up getting off until 8:30 so my plans to go to dinner and a movie didn't work out so great. However, we did make it to dinner which I surprised him and took him to the one place I will never eat at which was Red Lobster. I figured I could suck it up for one night and go to a sea food place!!! Well I ended up HATING it just like I assumed I would but Pete LOVED it! Before dinner Pete wasn't in the best mood because of work so I decided to give him his gift before dinner. I gave him some jeans that he was wanting and needing and then I got him and I the next day off of work, the plan was to going snowboarding but due to the NO snow we will have to use our tickets another time. He couldn't believe that I actually got him the day off from work! I think that made his day alone!! After dinner it was pretty late so we ended the night pulling our mattress out into our living room and decided to sleep next to the fire and our Christmas tree while watching a Christmas movie!! I loved this, our sleeping by the tree for one night actually turned into the whole weekend cause we enjoyed it to much and partly because we were too lazy to move it back!

He got the Entree with pretty much every living creature in the ocean!

Don't worry we were the last ones in the restaurant because it takes forever to crack these things open.

Friday morning we didn't get to do much sleeping in which I hoped for. Pete had a meeting in the morning and I went with him and so he didn't have to come back home to pick me up. After his meeting we went to the mall to exchange his pant for the right size... When you didn't think Pete could get any skinnier he does! after that we went to lunch and then to see Blind side! What an amazing movie!! It was one of those movies, you leave wanting to be a better person. I loved it! after that we went home to get ready for my parents ward Christmas party.

This wasn't your normal ward Christmas party. My mom and dad was in charge and so of course they went all out. The theme was Polar Express. Everyone wore their PJ's and had a personal ticket to aboard the train. The Church gym was decked out with decorations, a huge train, they had hot chocolate served while the song was playing and clips of the movie was playing. They then served dinner and Santa made his arrival near the end for the kids to sit on his lap. It was so much fun! Great job Mom & Dad. I am pretty sure they are never going to release you guys from that calling.

I loved how they spelled our name! Lol good guess

Getting ready to board the Train!

These were the ticket punchers!

How stinking cute are they!

Pete and his buddy Carys

The kids having the time of their lives!

My all time favorite picture!

He kept saying "AALLL a BOAAARD!" all night long!


Sat. was a very relaxing day. In the morning I went to get my hair done.... which I chopped it all off!! I needed a change and boy did I get a change. I am still trying to get used to it however I love the time it saves me getting ready. When I got home we hung out at home for awhile and then went to our Ward Christmas Dinner, which had great food! After that we went and saw NEW MOON. It was great except for the little 14 year old girls that acted like they had never seen a nice body.... obviously they hadn't seen Pete. If only they had looked over they could have met someone with a sexy body! ;)

Going to our ward party!
Sunday we headed to Petes parent for his birthday dinner. He choose his favorite meal which I think is only is favorite meal. However it was great to some of us! :) My parents joined us for dinner and we also announced our exciting NEWS!

All and All we had a great weekend and was sad that it came to an end!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! I don't know when I overlooked this blog post but I found out everything. What exactly you did for Pete's birthday which is what I have been meaning to talk to you about. Also your hair!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my gosh I can't even wait to see it! I seriously love this blog thing because I heard about your amazing weekend in more detail then I would have got over the phone I love it. When are you going to post a blog about your "christmas card" haha I LOVE YOU Mal!!

  2. Mal! I can't really see all of your hair in that picture but it looks like its way cute! Welcome to the mommy club with short hair haha! jk but it looks like petes birthday was tons of fun!